Almost every house has an amazing plant Aloe Vera at an honorable place of the house. Some people just look at its beauty day by day. Others are trying to become more beautiful with its help. Somebody even gets rid of various diseases using the power hidden inside of its leaves.

This article is about utilization of Aloe Vera plant:

  • How to make and use healing gel from it?
  • Why is it necessary to use an aqua-filter for its manufacture?

To begin with, let’s answer one question: why do we need water filters to get healthy Aloe Vera gel? Here’s the thing. Foe the preparation of miraculous substances, containing life-giving moisture for your intestines – it must be of the highest quality, without any impurities like chlorine, hardness salts, iron, etc.

Today, buying a filter and a cartridge for it is not a problem. The only thing you should ask the seller about which device will help you get pure juice of the top quality you need.

Cooking Aloe Juice

In order to prepare the most useful Aloe Vera gel, we need:

  • Aloe leaves from 15 cm;
  • Black paper;
  • Filtered water;
  • Pure gauze.

For cooking the juice, you need to cut several leaves of Aloe Vera, preferably from a plant that is about 3-5 years old. Then wrap them in a prepared in advance black paper with a tube and put in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. After the specified time, the leaves should be pulled and chopped with a knife. After that, they are poured with clean life-giving moisture (the ratio of 1 part of leaves to 3 parts of moisture) and sent again to the refrigerator for an hour and a half, after covering the container full of mixture with a lid so that the light could not reach it.

Then you need to get the mixture out of the refrigerator and strain it using prepared gauze. Gel is ready!

Thanks to this lengthy method of preparation, special bio stimulants, that actively contribute to the regeneration of human skin cells, are synthesized as well as the restoration of the epithelium.

Now, on the basis of the Aloe Vera gel, you can prepare a wide variety of compositions to give your face skin beauty, freshness, to solve problems of oily skin, etc. For example, some ladies especially adore Cleopatra cream based on the composition. A great opportunity to become more beautiful using exclusively natural ingredients.

The so-called ice cocktail is also popular. This is when the gel is frozen in ordinary ice trays, which come with a refrigerator, and then wipe the skin with ice. Usually in the morning, in order to reduce oily skin, the gel is simply applied to the face for a while, and then can be washed off.

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