Ever thought of taking a trip to Sweden? Has it always been a dream that you thought would never be quite possible? What if we told you there is a way? GMC E-Commerce, LLC is proud to announce that Forever Living Products annual Global Rally 2019 is taking place in Stockholm. Aside from being the best company to buy aloe vera from, they also allow you to experience the magic of Stockholm in 2019. The Forever Living Global Rally is going to be one of the best events for Avoe lovers this year. Located in the United States, we also ship our aloe-based products internationally.


Ready for Stockholm, Sweden?

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Spread across 14 islands, this coastal city is home to beautiful parks, gardens and impressive palaces. At Global Rally, participants explore the beauty of this Scandinavian city, becoming a part of an experience like no other. The best Forever Living distributors will have fun together receiving big paychecks as their bonuses at the Global Rally for a whole week from May, 5 to May, 12. Take advantage of this fantastic event and see all the wondrous sites that this beautiful city has to offer. With many activities and events, the Global Rally is sure to be the talk of Europe for months to come.


Forever Living Global Rally

Global Rally 2019 will take us to the beautiful Nordic city of Stockholm, Sweden. Referred to by locals as “beauty on water”, Stockholm is situated on 14 islands and has a rich history combined with a modern architecture. The Scandinavian principle of lagom, or “just the right amount” refers to the art of balanced living and makes it a perfect destination to visit for Forever Business Owners from all over the world.


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