You have dry skin and you need to choose an effective skincare solution? Forever Living Products company has 40+ years of experience in producing the best Aloe Vera products and can help you to choose the right cosmetics your skin needs.

Signs of dry and dehydrated skin

Dry skin can be either congenital or acquired (for example, due to improper care). With age velvety and tender skin causes more and more problems. Due to insufficient moisture skin elasticity is lost, wrinkles appear early, so you feel discomfort, which becomes stronger after exposure to sun, wind or frost.

The main signs of dry skin are:

  • Feeling of skin tightness;
  • Rough texture or itching;
  • Lack of oily shine;
  • Hypersensitivity;
  • Narrowed pores;
  • Tendency to early aging;

Guidelines for care of dry skin

  1. Cleaning

Gentle cleansing is suitable for dry skin – the milder the effect, the better. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the compositions of cleaning agents: they should not contain soap and other aggressive substances. Too hard tap water can also lead to increased dryness, so you should give preference to cleansing milk or biphasic products based on oils that do not need to be washed off. They carefully dissolve impurities and remove makeup without damaging the hydrolipidic skin layer, which is already thinned.

  1. Moisturizing

Moisturizing the skin inside and outside is the main task in the battle against dryness. You should moisturize the skin at least twice a day: morning and evening. After cleansing in the morning, apply a moisturizing toner or a light cream that is quickly absorbed. Such products will be an excellent “base” for makeup, because moisturized skin is much easier to put foundation and powder on.

  1. Nutrition

Dry skin needs not only hydration, but also regular nutrition. The ideal time for applying nutritious care is an hour before bedtime. A night cream or a complex of oils can have a more saturated and oily structure than a day one: creating a thin film on the skin, they inhibit the evaporation of moisture and maintain a natural lipid balance.

Seasonal care for dry and sensitive skin

Dry skin care during winter season:

Constant temperature changes (cold outside, hot at home) injure dry skin. Strong winds and dry air in the room leads to dehydration, so regular care is especially important in the cold season. In addition to the usual creams, you can choose Forever oil complexes and products with a protective effect.

Dry skin care in spring time:

In spring, dry skin is especially vulnerable: after winter “stresses”, it suffers from a lack of vitamins and becomes dull. At this time of the year, you can add masks or nurturing creams to your list of favorite products that will provide additional intense nutrition.

Dry skin care when summer hits:

The sun is harmful to dry skin, so before going out, you should use SPF creams. It is important to regularly apply Aloe Vera moisturizing creams, which contribute to the regeneration and hydration “after the sun”.

Dry skin care in autumn period:

After a hot, sunny summer, dry skin often suffers from increased dryness. It is important to help your skin recover and prepare for the cold winter. Use intensive Forever moisturizing and nourishing products with Aloe Vera gel, natural oils and purified water for this.

How to choose dry skin care products

First of all, look for inscriptions on jars and bottles “For dry skin”: such products are created specially for your skin type containing the largest amount of nutrients. A basic set of care should include milk or micellar water for cleansing, day cream for moisturizing and evening cream for intensive nutrition. Pay attention to the composition: dry skin “like” hyaluronic acid, natural oils (roses, blackcurrants, peelsin, rose hips, jasmine, jojoba, geranium, etc.) and of course Aloe Vera gel.

Forever Living Company can offer you our bestseller – Aloe Propolis Crème. It combines pure inner-leaf Aloe Vera gel and bee propolis. Vitamins A, E and C in this cream are working together to nourish and moisturize the skin while propolis helps rejuvenate it for a smoother, suppler look and feeling. You can order any Forever Aloe Vera product or find detailed information about our products on our website.